The Kid and friends somewhere near Lenape, Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1950

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Secret Girl

Shallow gal, deep-down girl,
M.A.D. eyes so tricky light.
Doors shut, windows up,
Secret day, open night.

Secret girl with morning
Frown; twilight laugh. Cute. Chic.
Be with me a secret;
Be indiscreet.

Secret girl whispering,
Philadelphia Street.
Dance, prance the barroom floor.
Yell and shout when we’re fleet.

Secret girl, deep-down girl,
Mystique. What other name?
Who are you? Blue? Purple?
Or are you both the same?

Stay cloaked; hid away.
Come out into my world.
Hide and seek. Be insane,
Sane girl, M.A.D. girl.

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