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Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Reading of Besotted Ballads Volume One

Even More Poetry of youth, 1955-1959, age 14-18.

At the end of my Senior Year of High School, I fell into deep infatuation for the young lady in the picture with me. Her parents were immigrants from the old Soviet Union and her name was Sonja.  Since she had a lot of interest in music, i tried to impress her by writing a musical play a la Broadway, which I called Ya-Ha-Whoey!

Besotted Ballads Volume One contains the lyrics to the songs from that play.

Although most of these songs were written in 1959, some were written earlier than that such as "My Little White Lamb", "Ya-Ha-Whoey" and "It's Christmas Only Next Week".

The lyrics of the song "Ya-Ha-Whoey" were writen by Stuart Meisel and myself.

These were written in Downingtown and Bucktown, Pa.

My dedication was to the Jeannette S. (Who was another girlfriend of mine.)

If you watch the video, I suggest you scroll down to the bottom of my blog and turn off the music player.
Also, on the video trame, bottom right are a square of four corners. Click this to make it full screen for easier viewing.

“Yum Ye Ye Yum” and “Lonely Boy”
Were publicly performed as part of the production
Frantic Frank on Musick
Directed by Doris Hunter
Owen J. Roberts High School,
Bucktown, Pa. in May 1959 and at
Bethel Methodist Church,
Spring City, Pa. in June 1959
Copyright 1959, 2012
LEM Productions,
Bucktown, Pa.

“My Little White Lamb”
Published by Crown Publishing Co., New York, NY

Recorded by Ben Tate on Ronnie Records in 1961.
Copyright 1957, 2012
Larry E. Meredith,
Bucktown, Pa.

The remaining poems in this volume are the lyrics from the play
Written by Larry Eugene Meredith.
All lyrics are by Larry Eugene Meredith
except “Ya-Ha-Whoey”, written by
Larry Eugene Meredith and Stuart R. G. Meisel.
Original Musical Score by Robert Condon.
Copyright 1956, 1957, 1959, 2004, 2012
Larry E. Meredith & Stuart R. Meisel
Bucktown & Valley Forge, Pa.


The model on both covers is my wife.

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