The Kid and friends somewhere near Lenape, Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1950

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Reading of From A Further Room...

More Poetry of youth, 1958-1959, age 17-18.

Some of these poems are from a Poetry reading I did in 1959. Most of the verses here were published over the decades after I graduated high school.

These were written in Bucktown, Pa.

My dedication was to the Ladies of My Youth.

If you watch the video, I suggest you scroll down to the bottom of my blog and turn off the music player.
Also, on the video trame, bottom right are a square of four corners. Click this to make it full screen for easier viewing.

“Spider and the Fly”, “School is a Pain in the Neck”, “A Lesson is a Mess, Son”, “Molly’s Girdle”, “A Regret”, “Rainy Days”, “When I was Alone”, “This Year 1959”
From “Twenty-Six Poems: A Reading”
February 1959
Sponcered by Agnes C. Manser
Owen J. Roberts High School
Copyright 1958, 1959
Bucktown, Pa.
Copyright by Larry Eugene Meredith 2012

“Gatherings”, and “Optimyth”
Publicly read at the “17tth Annual Poetry Reading Against Nuclear Holocaust”
Displayed at the Ward Public Library
Ward, Colorado
July 1998
Published in the Anthology
A Poem to Save the World: Readings Against Nuclear War

“Old Man’s Lament”
Second Saturday
Jo Allen, editor
Wilmington, Delaware

“Leader’s Sonnet”, “Lonely Months”, “Lost in Love”, Out Upon the Bay”, and “Laughter and Loneliness”
Poetry Vortex
Dallas Kirk Gantt, editor
Wilmington, Delaware

“Laughter and Lonliness”
One Stop Poetry
Pete Marshall, editor
February 2011

“Lost in Love”
Potluck Poetry
Jingle Poetry
Shashi, editor
August 2011

“A Group of Noisy People”
Voices & Friends
A Little Something
Nancy Rosback, editor
December 2011

“Waitin’ for Graduation”
Was written for the Class of ’59 Graduation Committee
Owen J. Roberts High School April 1959
Bucktown, Pa.
Copyright by Larry Eugene Meredith 2009

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