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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Reading of Early in the Mourning

I had begun dabbling around with poetry in grade school. Most of my earliest scribbles long ago disappeared.

At age 12 I began to take writing a bit more seriously and started to collect and preserve what I wrote.

So this volume, Early in the Mourning, is my earliest childhood poetry still in existence. I have long ago committed it to print, then entered it into the digital world of the computer. Now I decided to read it as a video and so here below is my reading of Early in the Morning. The poems and parodies within were all written between early 1954 and early 1958, from an age 0f 12 to 16. Almost all these efforts were performed and/or published many years ago, although one written in 1956 was not published until 1998.

I suggest you stroll to the bottom of my Blog and turn off the music player before listening to the video.

by Larry Eugene Meredith


“Rich Man$ $ixteen Ton$”, “Willie Ameere’s Drive”, “I Beg-g-g of You-u-u”, “Hot Rod Richard”, “A Teenage Girl At a Big Star Record Hop Dance in 1957”, “Frankenstein”, “Stranger”, “But Instead of Jazz…”, “On Main Street”, “Pennsylvania”, “Paul Anka, “Walking, Talking Sack Dress”, “Random Ideas Concerning certain Pages in My Grammar”, “Please!”, “A Cup of Tea”, “Hot Rod” and “Goodbye Tango”
From “Twenty-Six Poems: A Reading”
February 1959
Sponcered by Agnes C. Manser
Owen J. Roberts High School
Copyright 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958
Bucktown, Pa.
Copyright by Larry Eugene Meredith 2012

“I’m Gonna Drink that Blood Right Outta Her Neck”, “Older Than Egypt”, “A Wonderful Wolf” and “Some Enchanted Graveyard”
From “South Cemetary”
April 1958
NORCO High School
Copyright 1957, 1958
Bucktown, Pa.
Copyright by Larry Eugene Meredith 2012

Publicly read at the “17tth Annual Poetry Reading Against Nuclear Holocaust”
Displayed at the Ward Public Library
Ward, Colorado
July 1998
Published in the Anthology
A Poem to Save the World: Readings Against Nuclear War
Copyright by Larry Eugene Meredith 1957, 1998, 2012

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